A moving service to fit all your needs is just around the corner

Whether you’re moving your family to a new town or transferring a big business across the country, a professional moving service comes with plenty of benefits that allow a smooth and worry-free transition for everyone.

Proper Handling and Safety of Your Belongings

To have a complete success story when moving, everything needs to get there in one piece and without a scratch. The team members at MC Express know how important your belongings are to you and take extra precautions to ensure the safety of each and every item. Your property is handled with great care to ensure its protection during the loading, transportation and unloading process, so that when it arrives to its destination — the only change is your new surroundings.

Highly-Qualified and Experienced

When it comes to moving, professional movers have seen it all — and there are no surprises they can’t handle. Each and every individual of our team is a highly-qualified member of an organized group focused on getting your things to their destination in order and on-time. Hiring a professional moving company to assist you with your next residential or commercial move ensures that the job gets done in neat and trouble-free fashion, so you can get busy with making yourself at home — without breaking stride. Read our article on the 5 Reasons to Hire a Moving Company.

Local and Long-Distance Moving Services

One of the many benefits of enjoying moving assistance is the freedom of going wherever your life takes you. Whether you’re moving to the next city over, across the state, or across the country, our professional movers are there to get your belongings safely to their destination and on schedule. Enjoy the leisure of the open road on your way to a new setting while leaving all the big stuff to a reliable team of qualified movers at MC Express.

Loading/Unloading And Packing/Unpacking Services

More than just loading and unloading your heavy and bulky belongings, we even offer the service of helping you pack and unpack your things before and after your move. This can help you save a lot of time and headache that comes with arranging your belongings before and after your move. A highly-qualified team of movers will help you organize and pack your things before your move while following your exact instructions — so everything is in its place and just where you want it. When you’ve arrived at your destination, they can offer assistance with unpacking and helping you get quickly and comfortably settled into your new home or business location.

The Option of Moving Coverage

Refer to our customer service team about the option of moving coverage for your belongings. We offer flexible moving coverage options that accommodate your needs and budget and insure specific items or all of your property during relocation.

Residential or Commercial Relocation

MC Express can help you move both your family and belongings or your company and business to the next place you’ll call home. Because moving isn’t always a one-size-fits-all operation, having a few (or more) extra pairs of hands with professional knowledge and experience can go a long way in getting the job done right and without difficulty. To ensure that you next move goes as smoothly and naturally as you want it to, make sure to hire our professional team to give you a handy and helping hand with all of your moving needs.